What the World Can Learn From Carl Freer?

Born in Sweden, Carl Freer has emerged as the one of the finest contributors to humanity in the last 30 years. Learning from his crucial mistakes and being highly open to criticism and suggestions have helped him to reach soaring heights of his entrepreneurial career. A power individual who instead of arm twisting the resources of the world has instead opted to aid the humanity in every possible way. His list of accomplishments cannot fully describe his endeavors.

A wise man once said that changing the paradigm of human perception is often the most difficult task in one’s life. Only a few dare to challenge it and even from them, only a minor succeed. However, what Carl Freer has shown that hard work, work ethic and absolute integrity can take you miles ahead than the shortcuts.


Trying his hands on the gaming console, Carl Freer’s parent company Tiger Telematics launched a handheld gaming console named as Gizmondo. It was a big breakthrough and challenged the well-established giants like the Sony’s PSP and DS. The device was credited with positive reviews from all the critics. Unfortunately, luck had its way and the company spiraled down to a colossal failure.
The period from 2005-2010 saw Carl’s wealth grow from millions into billions owing to his ventures in different niches. Mobile and gaming technology saw a big flourish under his vision and leadership. However, his biggest breakthrough came in the field of Medical industry. Aluminaid, a leading medical firm in the field of burn cases, has innovated a unique and powerful technology in the form of Metal bandages.
The metal bandages provide instant relief within seconds and simultaneously cools down the burnt area with utmost ease and efficacy. This technology has truly changed the way on how the treatment will go on for the burnt cases in the foreseeable future. To know more about Carl’s work, you can check out Carl Freer on Vimeo.

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