Patents by Inventor Carl Freer

Carl Freer has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Thermally conductive, metal-based bandages to aid in medical healing and methods of use

Publication number: US20130030341 A1

Abstract: The inventive disclosure contained herein is generally directed to a class of medical bandages that in many embodiments are effective in the treatment of various types of tissue burns, whether be burns due to thermal burns, sun exposure, or rashes. Such products can include a plurality of specialized bandages and wraps that incorporate an extremely thin layer of thermally conductive metal (often aluminum) at the base of a substrate adapted to be in direct contact with a burn wound, while manufacturing the top side of the aluminum substrate to have a heat-dissipation-enhancing topography to help cool burns faster by enhancing thermal-convection properties. The bandage can also feature a thermochromic indicator for users to realize the thermal-cooling status of a burn to which a bandage has been applied.

Publication Type: Application
Application number: US 13/548,055
Priority date: Jul 29, 2011
Filed: Jul 12, 2012
Publication date: Jan 31, 2013
Original Assignee: Aluminaid, Inc.
Inventors: Carl J. Freer, Ericka S. Freer, Terrence M. Wyles

Spray-On Burn Dressing

Publication number: 20160250378

Abstract: The invention is a class of spray-on burn dressings for use in the treatment of various types of tissue burns, such as burns due to heat, chemicals, or sun exposure. The inventive spray-on dressing is comprised of a film-forming polymer and metal or metal oxide particles. The metal or metal oxide, preferably aluminum oxide, acts as a thermally conductive component to enhance heat-dissipation from the burn. The spray-on dressing may also include antibacterial agents, anesthetics, analgesics, or preservatives. The spray-on dressing may be dispensed by aerosol container or by manual pump spray.

Type: Application
Filed: October 20, 2014
Publication date: September 1, 2016
Applicant: Advanced First Aid Research PTE. LTD.
Inventors: Carl Freer, Joseph Marten, Stephen Carroll, Zhilong Shi

System and method for advertising

Publication number: 20070276729

Abstract: The present invention is directed to method and system for presenting advertisement messages, marketing surveys, invitation to instant offers, interactive media, or electronic voucher to a user of a remote communication device, such as a cellular telephone or a television set top box. In accordance with the preferred embodiments of the present invention, executable multimedia files are transmitted to one or more remote devices (e.g., a mobile phone), which is caused to execute the multimedia files either upon receiving the file or at a later time. Upon execution of the multimedia file, a user is prompted to interact with the remote device (e.g., by pressing one ore more buttons on a phone), preferably within a specified time period. Upon receiving input signals from the user, a notification signal is generated and transmitted by the remote device.

Type: Application
Filed: August 11, 2006
Publication date: November 29, 2007
Inventor: Carl Freer

System and method for distributing multimedia content via mobile wireless platforms

Publication number: 20060074550

Abstract: A system and method for distributing multimedia content to a mobile wireless platform of the present invention. In an illustrative embodiment, the inventive system includes memory for receiving and storing said multimedia content; a controller for automatically transmitting said content; and a wireless platform for automatically receiving, storing and playing out said content. In a specific implementation, the receipt, storage and playback functions are implemented with an applet running on the platform. The content may be transmitted using Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) or other suitable network. The applet includes a decoder and code for decompressing said multimedia content. In one embodiment, the system is adapted to transmit multimedia content to a selected mobile wireless platform based on a location thereof. This may be implemented with a GPS receiver or by using cellular position location services.

Type: Application
Filed: August 11, 2005
Publication date: April 6, 2006
Inventors: Carl Freer, Stephen Carroll

Method for advertising

Publication number: 20060064350

Abstract: A method for providing advertising content. The method includes the steps of collecting customer preferences; transmitting targeted multimedia ads to customers based on the individual customer’s preferences via a telecommunications network; and receiving and outputting the ads on a mobile platform. In the illustrative embodiment, the method includes the steps of encoding, compressing and storing each ad on a server. An applet is transmitted from the server to each mobile platform. When executed at the mobile platform, the applet deciphers the ad and retrieves a schedule with a playback time. The ad is then played out without interrupting the user. The applet may include credit code which adds time to a SIM card on the mobile platform giving a user credit time to use the device for one or more functions (communication, games, etc.) at no additional charge.

Type: Application
Filed: August 11, 2005
Publication date: March 23, 2006
Inventors: Carl Freer

Portable electronic device

Publication number: 20060009234

Abstract: A portable electronic device has a user interface having a display and an entertainment system which outputs entertainment media signals to the user interface. A tracking system generates tracking data from signals received from Global Positioning System satellites and a monitoring system processes the tracking data to obtain monitoring data which includes at least position data for the device. A wireless communications system communicating with a cellular network transmits the monitoring data to a control centre and receives map data representative of an area corresponding to the position of the device. A mapping module processes the map data to generate display data for indicating the device position.

Type: Application
Filed: September 20, 2004
Publication date: January 12, 2006
Applicant: Tiger Telematics, Inc.
Inventors: Carl Freer