Carl Freer


Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a lifelong quest for tracking ahead of disruptive technologies, Carl Freer is a successful investor and innovator whose career span of close to 30 years has seen him shape multiple successful tech-led start-ups and responsible for the creation of over US$4BM in market capital in recent years.

Carl Freer developed pioneering video-streaming software in the 1990s and was also co-founder of Tiger Telematics Inc which, under his management, launched the Gizmondo handheld console and rose to US$2.7BN in market capital. As a top executive at Magitech, Carl successfully engineered the building of the most advanced mobile augmented reality platform – a part of the company’s technology portfolio subsequently acquired by Qualcomm.

A firm believer in the wealth of intellectual property, Carl also founded Aluminaid in 2010; the company developed a breakthrough metal-based bandage for burns treatment that has, to date, won five world patents and is continuing efforts in expanding its medical intellectual property portfolio.

Carl’s vision, as founder of ULab, has seen him identify the space to revolutionize the process of mobile commerce, empowering mobile users with the ability to purchase any item they see instantaneously. His biggest venture to date, Watopedia, is a AI platform which will launch in early 2018. Together with world leading data scientists and machine learning experts, Watopedia is developing the latest generation of neural networks capable of reaching faster and more accurate results that currently seen in the market.