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Carl Freer Launches FamilyTree Foundation to Help Charities Reach Donors via Social Crowdsourcing

Los Angeles, CA – Carl Freer is pleased to announce the official launch of The Family Tree Foundation, a crowdsourcing website that will help connect charities to donors using the popular social media methods that have helped other crowdsourcing websites become viral in recent days.

The goal of Family Tree Foundation is to help charities better connect with a growing network of international donors. By using social media as a driving force to spread the word alongside a robust press and content outreach campaign – Freer is working to help close the gap between the charities and the monetary resources that they need.

In modern times, charities have to spend as much as half the money they take in just to sustain their operations. This is seen in form of spending on marketing materials, mailers, web, print and TV ads, social campaigns, telethons, cold calling and more. With a better way to connect charities directly to the monetary resources they need, the donors, more of these funds can be used to help aid the world.

Family Tree Foundation will help raise money for these charities by using the appeal of social media and crowdsourcing in combination with a way for donors to pay for the supplies, resources, and goods that charities need to perform their work.

Much like how popular sites like GoFundMe work, donors will be able to simply log on to Family Tree Foundation and pledge funds to help charitable efforts and causes around the world. They can also help by pledging to purchase the necessary resources and see how their contribution is making an impact and a difference in real-time.

A serial entrepreneur, Carl Freer cut his teeth by helping Tiger Telematics, Inc. grow into a multibillion dollar corporation. Since that time, he’s worked with developing augmented realty gaming systems and by providing consulting services. Freer is also a notable contributor to the zoological society, Norden’s Ark, and is also the chairman of the Family Tree Foundation.

About Family Tree Foundation

Family Tree Foundation is the world’s first crowdsourcing website for charitable organizations. The goal is to ride off the viral tenacity of other popular crowdsourcing websites, as well as the tenacious word-of-mouth that is realized via social media, to help fund charitable efforts around the world.

Family Tree Foundation allows for donors to contribute to a wide variety of causes by making pledges; similar to what’s seen on other crowdsourcing websites. Donors can also choose to help by simply pledging to purchase the necessary resources that these charities require to perform their work. With a variety of donation options, the goal of Family Tree Foundation is to help spread the word about charitable efforts and causes while raising the necessary monetary resources required to fund these efforts toward completion.

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