Carl Freer – Forging a Brighter Vision Through Technology

Comfort zone is the silent killer that slowly derails your motivation and further visions. The world has presented itself with powerful visionaries who have single-handedly transformed the humanity for the greater good. One such name includes Carl Freer. Picking himself up from the rough childhood, he is the perfect model of how perception plays a key role in defining our lives.
Born in Sweden in the 1970’s, Freer rose to prominence with his handheld gaming console device, Gizmondo. A powerful gaming device which provided him massive popularity from the American families, its parent company Tiger Telematics spiraled to closure due to the failure of its marketing executives.


But having learned the hard lesson of moving on in life, Carl Freer dusted himself up from this colossal failure and set his sights towards disrupting the technology in the medical field. The result, Aluminaid. A leading medical tech giant which invented new technology for treating burn cases of first and second degree. The technology uses the thermal properties of Aluminum which extracts heat from the burnt wounds and provides a powerful relief through a cold pulsating jet of air.


Having earned a fortune by acquiring intellectual properties in various disciplines, Freer has donated plethora amount of humanitarian services to the poor masses. The Freer family Tree Foundation has taken the philanthropic services to an unprecedented level. The foundation’s reach is worldwide and the portfolio can be seen in an extensive detail at Carl Freer official account on Twitter.
For people who are of the assumption that technological advancements for the humanitarian services are of no use, Carl Freer has proven them absolutely wrong. Carl Freer’s technological impact has revolutionized the medical industry in a huge way and the future looks highly optimistic for the consumers of this industry.

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