Carl Freer – Depicting a Perfect Blend of Innovation, Technological Advancement and Clear Vision

The persistence to pursue higher goals with an already established portfolio speaks a lot about a man. Businesses are often dedicated towards the premises of Return on Investment, with all policies and efforts firmly driven to bring in the cash flow. Not with Carl Freer. He worked on the principle of providing better services for the enrichment of lives of the millions around the world and in return acquired massive intellectual properties constituting to net worth in billion dollars.
A man born without a silver spoon, Freer has dedicated his 30 years to bring major technological disruptions for the betterment of humanity. He first gained major prominence with his handheld gaming console, Gizmondo. The device gained massive popularity among-st the American kids before the company (Tiger Telematics) spiraled down to its closure in 2006.

Visionary and Fearless Approach

A wise man once said that Persistence is to a man what Carbon is to steel and Carl Freer is a true testament of this analogy. Withstanding a sound failure of Tiger Telematics, he founded Aluminaid, a leading medical giant which founded an innovative technology to cure the first and second-degree burns. You can learn about his work ethics and vision from Carl Freer On Vimeo.
More important than the cure is the instant relief which the patient receives through the application of metal bandages. He founded several startups in the fields ranging from engineering to philanthropy. Almost all of his ventures have excelled at providing better services to the people in unique way (first of its kind) which has allowed him to patent his technologies. His entrepreneur tactics have been well documented on Carl Freer – Swedish Businessman video on YouTube.

Philanthropic Contribution

Giving back to the community is an important aspect of humanity and Carl Freer has not shied away in giving away equal opportunities to the young children so they could have a fulfilling personal as well as professional lives. He is the head honcho of several philanthropic foundations across the world and provides excellent health care and educational facilities.

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