About Carl Freer


Since the beginning of his career, Carl has always aspired to build and mature disruptive technologies. His stint as an innovator began with his first venture as a co-founder of Tiger Telematics, Inc., where he built the famous Gizmondo handheld gaming device.

At Magitech, serving as the director of innovation and product development, Carl concentrated on developing augmented reality for mobile platforms. He also wrote a patent for a distribution method he invented for precisely targeting advertising delivery on mobile platforms.

Aluminaid, founded by Carl in 2010, developed a ground-breaking bandage for burn treatment. Aluminaid has secured five worldwide patents for thermally conductive, metal-based bandages that deliver rapid pain relief for patients with first- and second-degree burns. The company continues to expand its intellectual property portfolio through a series of medical device products.

Today, Carl is involved with a technology company that brings mobile payment and m-commerce together using vision recognition as an engagement platform. The project is dubbed “point-click-pay”. The project includes the development of object recognition and deep learning analytics. It is scheduled to be launched during Q3 of 2015. 

Being an Entrepreneur

His early career began as a co-founder and chairman of Tiger Telematics, Inc., and its flagship product Gizmondo – a handheld gaming system that competed with the likes of Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. Carl Freer presented the company at various tech shows such as International CES show in Las Vegas and CeBIT in Germany.


Having taken Tiger Telematics to a market cap of $2.7 billion, Carl Freer moved on to write a new chapter in his career at Magitech, Inc. – a company that builds cutting-edge mobile augmented reality systems. To accomplish his vision, he collaborated with numerous global thought leaders and scholars, in the field of computational science, at institutions like the University of Canterbury, the GVU Center at Georgia Tech, and The University of Graz. He successfully sold a portion of the Magitech technology portfolio to Qualcomm Incorporated.


As an entrepreneur always looking to explore new frontiers, Carl Freer co-founded Logovision Corporation. The company developed an advanced augmented reality mobile search application, compatible with most smartphones, which is licenced by many Fortune 500 companies.


Carl Freer also served as the Chairman of FilmFunds, Inc., until 2012. He led this company to build a crowdsourcing platform that helps the film industry to collect feedback from movie buffs as to what kind of films they would want to see. FilmFunds became well-known with the social marketing campaign it created for the movie, The Artist, which won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Picture.


More recently Carl started Aluminaid, a medical devices company known for its patented and disruptive technology producing medical devices that alleviate pain associated with first- and second-degree burns. 

Giving Back

Over the years, Carl Freer has demonstrated his firm commitment to ‘benevolent giving’ through various social causes that he supports.


As the Chairman of the ‘Freer Family Tree Foundation’, a non-profit organization, Carl dedicates his time and entrepreneurial experience, for the betterment of the lives of orphans across the world.


Carl has also been a contributor to the zoological society Nordens Ark for many years. 


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I would love to discuss any new disruptive ideas or projects. I am also available for speaker engagements and pro-bono start-up mentoring.